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PEGASUS Supply Chain

        PEGASUS International Supply Chain (Guangdong) CO., LTD, formerly known as Guangdong Tianjun International Freight Forwarding Co., LTD, is an international logistics supply chain service enterprise. It is a national first-class international freight forwarding enterprise with NOVCC qualification. Main projects include : 

        Advantage shipping company agent (ESL/IAL/EMC, etc.), provides the most competitive shipping prices in South China, advantage routes to the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, East Africa.  

        FCL/bulk cargo import and export customs declaration and inspection business in coastal port areas, professional customs declaration and inspection program and policy guidance, providing full tracking service. Mainly promote South China import customs clearance, warehousing, distribution one-stop import services.  

        Local services for FCL bulk cargo at ports in South China include one-stop local services such as multimodal transport, warehousing, foreign trade agency and various certificates.  

        With foreign advantageous agent network, to provide customers with global goods import services, one-stop customs clearance, warehousing, delivery logistics solutions.  

        Relying on its own perfect logistics network, Tianrong is committed to providing customers with efficient and safe logistics solutions and quality services, to build a one-stop international logistics supply chain. Heart for customer service is our purpose, under this purpose, the company team continues to work hard, with strong strength and firm confidence, to bring you more quality and thoughtful service, and create a win-win situation with you.

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The sea freight inquiry needs to provide the port of departure, port of destination, container type, quantity, the name of the goods, the weight of the goods. If there are batteries or dangerous goods in the goods, etc., please inform us.

Document customs declaration requires complete documentation, including customs declaration, invoice, packing list, contract, and all need to be stamped.

The trailer service needs to provide the loading location, loading time, port of departure, specific container type and weight.

Import customs clearance requires the name, weight, type and size of packaging, and if there is a wooden tray, the number of pieces, pallets and volume, as well as the customs code, commodity purpose, customs declaration, Chinese and English packing list, Chinese and English invoices and Chinese and English contracts.

The air freight fee needs to provide the pickup address, trade terms, product name, weight, packaging type and size, if there is a wooden pallet, the number of pieces, pallets and volume, as well as the customs code, commodity purpose, value and delivery address.



Shipping and air freight in emerging markets are becoming more globalized

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